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27-year-old Nigerian Chef, Hilda Bassey sets new World Record for Longest Cooking Time Ever

Nigerian Chef, Hilda Effiong Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, is on track to set a new world record for the longest cooking time by an individual ever.

In a cook-a-thon held in Lagos, Nigeria, Chef Hilda broke the Guinness world record for the 'longest cooking marathon by an individual' held by now-former Guinness World Record holder, Lata Tondon at 87 hours 45 minutes.

Hilda started her record-breaking race on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at exactly 4pm with cheering fans and supporters around her. She has continued tirelessly and is set to reach her new target of 100 hours of cooking.

She is now on track to set a new world record as the first human in the world to achieve this feat.

The courageous 27-year-old Nigerian Chef is no stranger to breaking records. In August 2021, she won the maiden edition of the ‘Jollof Faceoff’ competition held in Nigeria.

Speaking on her decision to set this record, Chef Bassey said “The journey to the cook-a-thon started five years ago. It is one of my biggest aspirations and I am glad that I took the bold step to embark on this adventure. I have taken time to prepare for this psychologically and I am proud to finally take on this challenge.”

“The cook-a-thon is also an opportunity to tell some of the positive stories that come from Africa through the meals that we make.”

“This attempt is also proof of the strength young people can exhibit with the right platform and support. I look forward to receiving support from people across the world to achieve this feat,” she said.

Chef Hilda has gone on to leave her name in the history books setting the new record for the longest cooking time by an individual.

The Guinness Book of Records is a reference book that contains human and natural world records. It was first published in 1955 by the Guinness Brewery in Ireland and has since become one of the world’s most well-known and frequently read reference books.

Individuals or groups must submit proof to the Guinness World Records team and go through a verification process to qualify for a world record listing.


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