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3 Boundaries You Need in Your Life & How To Set Them

For many women the lines between respect and disrespect, comfort and discomfort, safe and in danger are very thin. The boundaries around women protecting their space, their sanity, their dignity are very thin. Society and cultural stereotypes have completely ripped women and girls off their simple rights to set and defend their boundaries clearly and confidently.

Everyday the lines are being crossed and territories disrespected. While the patriarchal system continues to protect men in several bubbles of boundaries that women fear to even approach, talk less of cross, this same system empowers men to completely invalidate the concept of boundaries for women as they continuously fail to acknowledge and ruthlessly encroach into the private spaces and personal rights of women on account of their virility and cultural idiosyncrasies that permit this evil acts of trespassing.

The years of sitting in silence while men so advantageously stole our rights to agency over our territories have come and gone. The battle for our boundaries to be visible and respected has started and our weapons are our voices! Speaking up and calling out every act of oppression, segregation and violation in every aspect of our lives is the only way to make sure that we get the message clear that women's boundaries exist and must be respected!

Here are 3 ways to set those boundaries in your life and make sure they are respected:


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