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3 Reasons Why You Need More Female Friends

The powerful thing about ‘sisterhood’ is that it provides a refuge for many women navigating the complexities of existing in a society that constantly pushes them down, leaving them feeling alone and less valued.

In this century where perceived independence is decorated as a currency of social relevance and women are consciously or unconsciously placed against each other in different spaces, instead of being raised as allies for growth, the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of the patriarchy is successfully tarnishing the validity and importance of female friendships as a necessity and asset for women all around the world.

Nonetheless, with the world moving faster towards being more responsible and politically correct, female friendships are now rightfully glorified as safe spaces for women to thrive and grow in community. The new and popular Galentine’s day celebration before Valentine’s Day, is commemorated in honor of the power of female friendships that provide the love and emotional support even romantic friendships can’t give - A testament to the value of these friendships in every girl's life.

From one-on-one friendships, to cliques, to squads, to support groups and full-on female led gender balance communities, these rise in female friendships are truly saving the lives of women and girls all around the world.

In case you are still wondering what we are on about, and why female friendships matter here are 3 good reasons why you need female friendships in your life:

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