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3 Types of Sexists and How to Address Them

We live in a world where sexism and misogyny exists as a shape-shifting virus that unexpectedly springs up on us in our daily lives as people we may know and love or strangers we meet for the first time. As sad as it may be, the fact is at least 90% of the world’s population is sexist. Now, let’s not be flabbergasted by this outrageous claim because the reality is - sexism has been engraved in our society through centuries of systemic patriarchy in our cultures, doctrines and mindsets that have defined women as weaker, smaller beings at the mercy of the man.

So, the hard fact is that sexism is engraved as part of our society’s structure and exists in the larger portion of the populace. 

However, while sexism is vividly apparent in some individuals, it is more obscure in others. Nonetheless, as the world progresses towards gender parity and more local and global resources are being harnessed for the empowerment of women and the elimination and control of sexism and misogyny in its different shapes and forms in society, it is important that as young women fighting for our rights to equality and autonomy, we are able to identify this shape-shifting virus in its different forms when it comes to us as the people in our communities, workplaces, social gatherings and even our homes. We came up with a list of three ways sexism materializes itself as the sexist people around us, and how to address and exorcise these different kinds of sexists when they are fortunate enough to come in contact with us:

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