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3 Ways to Adapt to Unplanned Change

Hey Queens! It’s 3 Tips Tuesday and here are your 3 self-help tips for this week:

'Adapting to Unplanned Change'. Change is a very funny thing, especially when it’s unplanned! A change in your career, your business, relationships or personal life can be very disorienting. You become confused and flustered and unsure of what’s happening around you. You need to breathe. The first thing you must remember about change is that it is CONSTANT. Nothing stays the same forever. So, if you are currently battling change in your work or personal life, here are 3 ways to deal with the unfamiliar situation:

Allow Yourself Experience & Understand Your 'New Normal':

First, you must accept the ending of your old way of life and allow yourself experience the 'new normal'. Go through everyday in your new reality with an open mind taking out time to understand all the features of your new life.

Find The Positive & Negative Side of Things:

After you have experienced the new way of doing things, you will begin to see the things that make you happy & those that upset you. Surround yourself with the positive & avoid the negative to create balance and find peace with the change in your life.

Stay Focused on the 'BIG PICTURE'

Now that you've settled into your new life, do not expect everything to go according to plan... Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but most importantly,stay focused on your overall goal, taking everyday one step at a time.

So, instead of fighting the current changes in your life, EMBRACE THEM. Welcome them with open arms and get used to your new normal. Find your sweet spots and pet peeves in your new environment. Try to stay closer to the sweet spots and avoid the pet peeves. Finally... stay positive. Focus on the big picture ahead of you, because even these new changes won’t last forever either. Now, go out and embrace all the changes in your life, Queen!


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