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3 Ways To Avoid Being in an Emotional 'Entanglement'

Hey Queen! It’s 3 Tips Tuesday and here are your 3 self-help tips for this week:


Romantic ‘entanglements’ happen all the time. And it doesn’t matter if you’re the #JadaSmith or the #AugustAlsina in the situation, what’s most important is that you are responsible and careful with your emotions so that you do not end up hurting yourself or those around you. So, here are 3 Ways to Avoid Being in an 'Emotional Entanglement':

Open and honest communication is most important in any romantic affair. Don’t be afraid to have those very important conversations with your significant other no matter how early on you are in the relationship, and regardless of if you or your partner feels shy or ready to express themselves. These important conversations are make it or break it. It’s what separates us from being in emotionally unhealthy ‘entanglements’ or being in healthy, loving, committed, mutually satisfying relationships that uplift our spirits.

Don’t let anyone try to make you feel uncomfortable or abnormal for being bold enough to have those important conversations. You’re doing it for your mental health and to protect your heart. So, do it regardless of their opinions, and if they are not capable of having those important conversations, maybe they are not right for you. No matter what, DO NOT ‘go with the flow’ with someone you have strong romantic feelings for, that’s a perfect recipe for ending up in an ‘entanglement’ that’ll only end in heartbreak.

Be bold and confident enough to air your feelings and demand to know theirs too and if you two (or three, or more - depends on what you’re into, gurl) can reach a common ground and agree to be in something you’re all truly happy and comfortable with, then... you’re good to go. But, gurl, if you are not happy with the outcome of that very difficult conversation, please walk away as early as you can, before you get too emotionally attached.

It may hurt at first, and it may not have ended up the way you had hoped it would... but you must accept the reality for whatever it is and try to move forward. And don’t worry Queen, if it doesn’t work out with this person... it will happen for you with someone else, and if not, you will still find joy and happiness in yourself. Plus, you have a whole community of strong African women right here behind you, supporting you!

Keep hope alive, Queen! ️


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