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3 Ways To Be a Feminist Mom Raising Empowered Girls

Conversations around Gender Inequality and women's rights have ensued for many decades, centuries even. Like a torch, the conversations are passed from generation to generation, mother to daughter as we continue to fight for our rights to be treated as equals.

"You can do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be", we are told by some of our mothers. "Do not let a man oppress or disrespect you", some other mothers teach their daughters. Unfortunately, not all mothers are equipped with the invaluable gospel of 'Equality'. More often than not, 'African Mothers' are advocates for misogyny and sexism, unconsciously pushing the agenda of the patriarchy with their gospels of 'culture and tradition', also passed like a torch from generation to generation, effortlessly negating progress made in the battle for equality.

This singular factor stands as a relentless villain of the feminist movement reincarnated in each new generation, equally passed on from mother to daughter. This reiterates the value and importance of the 'Feminist Mom' and the need for a larger army of 'Feminist Moms' in society today.

The larger the ratio of 'Feminist Moms' to 'Traditional Moms' we have, the better our chances of achieving gender equality someday. A generation can only be saved if they are taught the gospel of 'Equality' from childhood and that's where the Feminist Mom comes in.

Want to do your part to fight Gender Inequality? Become a 'Feminist Mom' or a 'Feminist Aunt' or a 'Feminist Big Sis', just become the feminist who is leading the future generation of young women by example. The action and inaction the little girl sees and learns from you will shape the kind of woman she will be and the kind of future we will have.

So, be a Feminist Role Model for young girls today, here are three ways you can do that:


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