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3 Ways To Cater To Your Mental Health Post-Pandemic

Hey Queen! It’s 3 Tips Tuesday and here are your 3 self-help tips for this week: 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had conversations with sisters who’ve shared stories of their lives post COVID-19 & the global lockdown. Everything has changed. Things are being done differently. It’s like getting accustomed to a whole new world. Beyond all of that, many sisters have had to watch their dreams slowly fall to pieces as the current realities pushed back timelines, eventually cancelled out projects and even closed down initiatives permanently. It has truly been an unprecedented time of uncontrollable change. How do we navigate it all, Queens?

Accept the things you cannot change. Reduce the pressure you’ve placed on yourself by redesigning your goals to fit your new reality and most importantly, take out time for YOU, Queen. Take out time to protect your mind️. Keep pushing. You’ve got this, Queen. You can still make your dreams happen.


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