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3 Ways to Make the Best of the Rest of the Year

By Abosede Aboderin

I remember waking up the morning of the first day of November. “Oh My God. We have just 2 months left in 2020?” I thought as I sat up on my bed, my eyes lost in the distance. I tried to take stock of what I had done with the year up until this moment. I could not think of anything tangible. I panicked. An intense taste of dissatisfaction filled my tongue as the self-induced pressure to do more with the rest of my year set in. I had so many goals at the start of 2020. I had barely crossed the first half of my list. How was I going to complete all I had to do in less than 60 days?!? I buried my head back in the pillow and sunk, not only into its fluffy embrace but, also into a deep depression.

Earlier this year, Lean In and McKinsey & Company released its “Women in the Workplace” report where they found that one in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce due to the impact of Covid-19. “I think what’s happening is this report confirms what people have suspected, but we haven’t really had the data, which is that the coronavirus is hitting women incredibly hard and really risks undoing the progress we’ve made for women in the workforce.” Facebook’s chief operating officer and Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg told CNBC Make It, reporting on the issue.

It is vividly clear, the impact of Covid-19 on the productivity and progress of women in business and in the workforce is alarming. More women are struggling to stay on top in an economy that has crippled opportunities and frustrated growth. But, the battle is not over. There are still 2 months left in the year, over 50 days to turn our lives around and make the year count! But, how? Here are 3 steps I think would help:

Try out these tips and let us know if they work for you. We want to hear from you! Share your tips on how to make the rest of the year count in the comments section.


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