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3 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem Caused by Years of Social Conditioning

When you grow up in societies where your voice is constantly being silenced and your skills, talents and ideas shutdown, you are bound to grow up feeling inadequate, less than enough. Sadly, this is the case for 51% of the population in Africa - the women and young girls who have been socially conditioned to lose their self-worth and confidence.

Growing up in the shadows and in the background, many African women battle with low self-esteem issues. They shy away from the spotlight and are not confident in their innate talent and their abilities to add value and make significant contributions to the world around them.

The education and empowerment of the girl child stands as an important tool to tackle this challenge from its root. Once a young girl is equipped with knowledge and empowered with skills, she will find her sense of self and discover her worth as a valuable member of society.

Nonetheless, despite being empowered and educated, many women and young girls still battle the self-destructive demon called 'Low Self-Esteem' as a result of years of trauma and oppression from a patriarchal society.

Not to worry, Queens! We have come up with a list of three things to do to fight and overcome Low Self-Esteem and find your self-worth as a strong, black, independent woman:

How do you overcome your self esteem issues when they arise? Let us know in the comments section. Join the movement! Like and share this post with the women in your community to be a part of the change in the narrative.


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