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3 Ways to Restructure Your Life After a Pay-Cut

Hey Queen! It’s 3 Tips Tuesday and here are your 3 self-help tips for this week: 

We’ve heard a lot of Queens complain of getting pay cuts post pandemic. Some of us are earning half of what we used to, and some of us can’t even understand how life got this hard. Not to worry. Pay cuts happen. At least you still have a job... and for the Queens who lost their jobs, we’re still here for you. So, you finally get the dreaded email announcing your pay cut. Don’t panic. We hear you thinking... ‘How am I going to survive?’ It’s very simple. Live on the bare necessities, explore new income streams and most importantly cut your coat according to your new size.

Most importantly... remember that this is just a phase and you are not alone. Right now, the entire world is going through an economic crisis. Life is going to change, but, you’re not going to give up, Queen! You’re going to make it work and come out on the other side feeling much better.


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