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4 Dates to Leave at The Dinner Table

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Falling in love is a risk. Making romantic investments in people can be very scary. No one wants to go through the difficulties of being vulnerable, or experience rejection. The safer option would be to just not date and wait for Mr. Right to fall right into your laps... literally. That is possible… no doubt. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. Some of us have to keep putting ourselves out there. Keep going on dates. So, for us girls still in 'these streets', here are 4 kinds of guys to leave at the dinner table after a date. (By leave at the dinner table, we definitely mean – never call him again!).

1. The Guy That Disrespects You

First of all, we don’t even think you should sit-in on this date for too long in the first place. If a guy is disrespectful to you in anyway, he is bad news. Yes, people change, but that is not your responsibility right now. If someone who you are trying to explore something romantic with is comfortably rude, condescending or just plain disrespectful to you (disrespect can be anything as simple as late coming, to something as grave as sexual harassment), you’re most likely about to enter an abusive relationship. That is not a relationship any of us needs. So, yes… please drop him.

2. The Guy That is Not Ready for Anything Serious

This is the guy that confuses us a lot. He’s the guy that woke up, drove (or took three buses) to the venue of this date, was planning to spend money and spend valuable time with you, but was not ready for anything serious??? Why did he leave the house in the first place then? This is a selfish guy who is usually indecisive and a time waster. He’s either looking for a one-night stand or would be the guy to take all your time and attention and after months, hit you with the news that he met someone else who he's in a relationship with. If you’re on a date, and you ask what he wants? And he says he’s not ready for anything serious, please drop him.

3. The Guy That Does Not Pay Attention

This is the guy on his phone every second, or the one with a wandering eye. He could barely remember what you last said and checks out of the conversation as you are speaking. It is possible that he was just having a bad day and was not mentally available, yes. But it is not your responsibility to find out. Drop him first, and if he’s honest, he will not let you leave him dropped. A guy who is not paying attention to you is not interested.

4. The Overconfident Guy

This is the guy that thinks the world revolves around him. He is probably very good looking, rich or famous. So, he is overflowing with the attention of women every day. He expects this same attention from you. And, if you erroneously show that to him, well, the date is over. This guy is usually very insecure and relies on his material/physical achievements to feel important. Yes, he might have a sweet centre, but that is not your responsibility to uncover. If he likes you enough, he would leave his over or under confidence at home. So, please drop him.

Of course, the list goes on, and if we continued, it would not be easy for you to give anyone a chance. But, see it this way... You have just one heart and it is a very precious gem. If you don’t protect it, you could let the wrong person in. When that happens, it never ends pretty. So, the safest way to escape is to walk away when the stakes are still low and there are no emotional investments. It is a lot easier at this time... If he’s the right guy, it will happen the right way.


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