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African-American Women Sue Golf Course After an Employee Harasses Them for ‘Playing too Slow’

A group of African American women who allege that management at a Pennsylvania golf course mistreated them when they called police because they were playing too slowly are now taking legal action.

Myneca Ojo and Karen Crosby, two of the five women involved in the 2018 incident, filed a racial and gender discrimination lawsuit on Monday against Brew Vino LLC, which owns Grandview Golf Course, as well as several employees involved.

The lawsuit alleges that an owner told a member of their group that they weren't keeping pace and treated them differently than other players on the course, who the lawsuit says were Caucasian and male.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and requests compensatory and punitive damages but does not list a specific amount.

An investigation by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission found that the women had probable cause that they were "profiled, harassed, evicted and subjected to different terms and conditions of service because of their protected classes," and granted them the right to sue, according to the lawsuit.

Source: CNN


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