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Beyoncé's "Black is King" is set to 'Present Elements of Black History with a Modern Twist'

Disney+ and Parkwood Entertainment announced Sunday that Beyoncé has created an exclusive visual album to be hosted on the streaming service, and we are too excited.

Black Is King was written, directed and executive produced by Beyoncé. The film will reinterpret the lessons imparted in The Lion King, for which Bey did the soundtrack, for today’s young kings and queens who are still finding their place in the world (much like Simba and Nala, who Beyoncé voiced in last year’s live action remake). Using the virtues the fable offers, Black Is King hopes to inspire viewers to think about how they can claim their throne and make a difference in the world. 

The music in Black Is King won’t be new to Lion King fans. Bey called on the previous album she previously executive produced and curated, The Lion King: The Gift, for the film. Expect to hear the spirited afro beats of songs, including “My Power,” “Mood 4 Eva” and “Brown Skin Girl.”

The visual album will also feature some of the artists who offered guest vocals on the album and some special celebrity appearances, including her own son, Sir Carter, who she adorably cradles in the teaser, released Sunday.

Production for the top-secret project took one year. During that time, Beyoncé was intentional about selecting a diverse group of people to contribute to the project from in front of the camera to behind it. 

Black Is King will make its global premiere on July 31

Source: Essence


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