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#GirlontheStreet: Can Women be Misogynists?

According to the Elevate Network, ‘Internalized misogyny’ is defined as the “involuntary belief by girls and women that the lies, stereotypes and myths about girls and women, that are delivered to everyone in a sexist society, are true”.

A study at the University of the Basque Country reveals a link between the sexist attitudes of mothers and that of her sons and daughters. According to the study, "there is indeed an inter-generational connection in sexism… the degree of sexism in the mother is more linked to that of her sons or daughters in comparison to the influence of the father."

So, the question is, do we become our sexist or misogynist mothers? We asked a couple of women if they felt sexism or misogynistic attributes existed among women and here’s what we found out:

Juliet, 23

I don’t know if it is misogyny but I definitely agree that there is this unspoken enmity between women sometimes. But it is not all the time. I think it is just the normal feeling of jealousy every human being feels – it is not peculiar to women alone.

Adanna, 26

I think women are the worst misogynists especially amongst the older generation. I think because they grew up in a time when women were not visible, they hate to see younger women just fighting for visibility and representation so easily. So, they hate younger women, and that is misogyny.

Bolaji, 32

I think it is inborn. But it does not come from a place of hate. We just misunderstand each other. Once we understand ourselves better, we all get along just fine.

Whitney, 20

Misogyny in women is real and it was planted by the patriarchal system to divide and conquer the feminist movement. The more women are put against each other, the less progress we will be able to achieve. We need to wake up and fight it from the root to make sure we are one as a community so we can make more progress together.

Where do you stand in this debate? Do you think women can be Sexists or Misogynists? Let us know in the comments section.


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