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#GirlonTheStreet: What is your most embarrassing Period Tale?

One of the wonders of womanhood is the monthly menstrual cycle. It is just beautiful that every time, once a month we get to push out a fountain of blood from our bodies as a biological cleansing strategy. This monumental monthly monsoon does not come with plenty treats or rewards for your body, it comes with abdomen-stabbing cramps, mood swings, fatigue, embarrassing stains and unannounced outbursts. Some of us even end up bed-ridden or hospitalized because of this red monthly visitor. Whatever you want to call her – ‘Grandma’, the ‘Red Devil’, or simply ‘my period’, the fact is, the monthly menstruation visits with a tonne of mishaps and misadventures on our precious bodies.

We took to the streets of Lagos city, Nigeria to find out from everyday women, some of their embarrassing period tales, why? Because we need to normalize period conversations. Here’s a few of the funniest stories:

Izabel, 24

I was in high school. We were having conversations during our break time, sitting on the chairs in the park. I had placed a piece of white paper to protect my skirt from getting stained. When I stood up, I felt my shirt stick to my derriere, but I thought nothing of it. My earphones were plugged in, I couldn’t hear all the students screaming, but everyone seemed hyped, some girls were pointing at me. I looked back. The white paper and dirty bench was soaked in blood. I had stained everywhere. My period came a day early. Thank God for Funmi who defended me and took me to her hostel to change. Worst day ever.

Ola, 35

I was walking out of a very successful meeting with a potential business client when one of my clients screamed “Madam!”. I turned to her finger pointing to the ground. Blood everywhere, down my legs and a trail of blood all over the white floor up to where I stood. She quickly ran and covered the blood trail with the tissue in her bag. While I ran to the bathroom with my hands over my face. Thank God I still closed the deal after that embarrassing incident.

Kathy, 26

I was with my boyfriend, on a date at his house. We were all cozied up on his couch ‘Netflixing’, when he laughed and said ‘Babe, did you just pee on me?’ I wished it was pee… When I stood up from his lap, his bright cream shorts had turned red. He sat there in shock. I stood in shock too for about 15 seconds before running to get a towel. If that boy does not marry me after this, I’ll understand.

Kosi, 28

I was teaching the JS 3 class I was in charge of during my NYSC. It was a Boys Only school. I was writing something on the board when one of the students shouted “E don happen!”, meaning 'It has happened', and all the boys burst out laughing. I was still trying to punish the miscreant obstructing my class when I turned back and saw the very obvious red stain. I had to change my P.P.A. after that.

That is all for this week. What are some of your most embarrassing period tales? Let us know in the comments section. Remember, we need to fight period shaming and discrimination together. So, keep the conversation going.


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