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In Kigezi, Authorities are Raising Concerns about Rising Cases of Maternal Deaths - Uganda

By Lukia Nantaba

In 2020, an average of over 287,000 women and young girls were dying as a result of pregnancy related cases in one year. (Photo: Wilson Center)

Stakeholders in Kigezi sub region have raised concern at the rate which mother's die while giving birth in the area.

The concern was raised during a dialogue on the regional advocacy and community empowerment on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) access and service aimed at increasing awareness on maternal health in Kigezi sub region . It was organized by Local Sustainable Communities Organisation(LOSCO) in Kabale under the theme, "Increased capacity and access to SRHR and maternal health in Kigezi as a region" was attended by security, human rights defenders, lawyers and students . Dr. Abudon Birungi, the chairperson of district health officers for Kigezi sub-region said that in 2020, an average of over 287,000 women and young girls were dying as a result of pregnancy related cases in one year, adding that the number is still high. He noted that the causes of maternal death are either direct or indirect , mentioning overbleeding, hypertension during pregnancy, malaria and post abortion among others. Dr.Birungi noted that to prevent maternal death, one has to abstain in order not to acquire the pregnancy, adding that in case one notices the she is pregnant, they have to seek proper maternal health care services. The stakeholders noted that such dialogues are very important since they speak to maternal health and ways of saving lives. It was noted that most pregnant mothers lack sensitization but also poorly equipped health facilities, especially in rural areas make the matter worse. Stakeholders said that such dialogues will not stop only in Kigezi but will be moved to other parts of the country to ensure maternal deaths are addressed. The Kigezi Region police commander Ibrahim Saiga said that as police, they are committed to push the information far beyond, adding that information becomes power when it is shared. Saiga also noted that it's the role of parents to educate their children on what is good or bad. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.1 is to reduce maternal mortality to less than 70 Maternal deaths per 100,000 love births by 2030.

Source: Nile Post


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