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#JusticeForShannon: Namibian Gender Deputy Minister Visits Crime Scene, Rebukes Gender Violence

Deputy minister of gender Bernadette Maria Jagger on Monday visited the site where the remains of 22-year-old Shannon Wasserfal were found at Walvis Bay and also paid a visit to her family.

During her visit, the deputy minister called on Namibians to cooperate in the fight against gender-based violence, saying it should not be left to the ministry and the police alone.

Jagger said it has become unfortunate that women have also become involved in gender-based violence.

She urged the public to start cooperating with the police, as suspects mostly include neighbours, friends and family members of victims. Jagger added that people have been reluctant to help the police with information.

Jagger said it was time for Namibians to walk frey in the streets and communities.

"Namibia has been facing serious challenges of gender-based violence, which mostly affect women and children, especially the girl child, and to some extend, our boys.

"We are now at a time where Namibians are saying they are tired. We have observed the protests going on in the country. They are indeed tired," she said.

She said the government is doing its best to review current policies and strategies and see how they can be changed to ensure that citizens are safe.

She also called on all line ministries to get involved in the fight against GBV.

She especially appealed to churches to not just preach the gospel, but also find platforms to seriously address the issue.

The minister visited the family of the late Wasserfall, accompanied by Erongo governor Neville Andre, Walvis Bay mayor Immanuel Willfried and Walvis Bay urban constituency councillor Knowledge Ipinge. The purpose of the visit was to offer comfort to the grieving family.

Source: Namibian


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