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Localities in South Africa Campaign Against Gender Based Violence to Combat Rape and Femicide

The rights of rape survivors are still under attack as they remain living in fear of perpetrators. (Photo: Gulshan Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

Tambo Municipality is intensifying the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) and femicide with various campaigns in the district.

Over the weekend, an anti-GBV campaign was held in Luphondo Village to raise awareness and educate the community about safety measures.

This is the same village where news reported that five family members were gunned down by unknown suspects in March this year.

Speaking for Ingquza Hill Municipality, Bulelwa Capa told the news that this community was chosen because of the high rate of crimes targeting women.

"The majority of crimes are planned and target families headed by women, where there is no man in the household," she said.

This is evident in the recent crime statistics. Lusikisiki is leading the province with sexual offences and rape in the 4th quarter of 2022/2023.

Lusikisiki is number one in the crime of rape, with 72 reported cases -- but that's a decrease from the 99 cases reported during the same time in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to the National Crime statistics presented by Police Minister Bheki Cele last week.

Meanwhile, Lusikisiki is currently standing at number four in the province for murder, with 39 cases reported -- an increase of 12 cases -- compared with 27 cases over the same period in 2022.

During the anti-GBV campaign held in Ward 21, speakers from various departments shared the stage, reminding the community about safety while condemning GBV and femicide.

Activist Nomana Mtshakaza condemned the law, saying that "the rights of rape survivors are still under attack as they remain living in fear of perpetrators who are sometimes never apprehended".

She advised victims to read more to strengthen them mentally as she said it helped her through the greatest depression she ever went through. She also said victims of gender-based crimes are left stranded in many cases as there are not enough centres of safety or shelters where they can take refuge.

Bulelwa Capa said as they are struggling to keep victims safe: "The bright side is that deputy president Paul Mashatile has pledged R2 million to build a home of safety that is going to service areas around Luphondo, Kwathahle and Mkhambathi areas."

Source: Scrolla


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