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Nakia Stephens partners with Aspire TV to Empower Content Creators of Color

Award-winning screenwriter Nakia Stephens, CEO and Founder of Damn Write Originals, has teamed with Aspire TV to produce short films and provide a new platform, Urban Indie Film Block, for content creators of color.

As noted on its Twitter page, “Aspire is the only TV network that celebrates, reflects and shares black culture and urban lifestyle.”

The network’s Urban Indie Film Block, previously known as ABFF Independent, features short films by the next generation of great Black filmmakers. The programing block debuted on Aspire TV on April 7th, and will feature original content every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET until July 28th.

Since the launch of Damn Write Originals, Nakia has had over 20 of her screenplays produced to screen including her most notable projects: “Suga Water,” Cream x Coffee,” and “Novella.”

Source: Eurweb


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