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Nigerian Photographer, Anny Roberts Amplifies Voices of Feminists with 'Women For Women' Campaign

The voices of women fighting the patriarchy need more amplification and support. It gets very overwhelming and intimidating tackling the generation long vice of sexism and misogyny in silos. As more and more women of the new generation rise to the challenge of speaking up and fighting back gender oppression and discrimination, the battle against systemic patriarchy locally (especially in the Nigerian context) and globally continues to find progress.

In the spirit of collaboration and support for the young Nigerian feminists who relentlessly lend their voices (sometimes their heels) and other resources to advocate for the rights of women and girls in Nigeria and all over the world, Nigerian photographer, Anny Robert’s launched the "Women for Women" Campaign in partnership with publication, BellaNaija to celebrate the "Feminists doing the hard work of fighting for basic Human Rights".

The campaign featured young prominent feminists out of Nigeria who have contributed to the fight against gender bias, segregation and violence through their works, art, and activism, including: Jola Ayeye, Moyosola Kara, Damilola Odufuwa, Odunayo Eweniyi, Ebele Molua, Kiki Mordi and other leading Nigerian feminists.

According to Robert, "As I scrolled down my Twitter timeline, I realized that I was so proud of my generation of women who were unabashed in their fight for basic human rights, and who refuse to be bullied to shut up or bend to society’s whims." he explained, describing the thesis of his work and campaign.

"Women for Women is a campaign inspired by the women I wish some of our mothers and their mothers could have been. Each woman featured in the campaign is doing something positive for the women in her community: they’re either fighting against rape and social injustices by challenging the structures that help them thrive, providing financial support to single mothers & widows, or creating an environment for women like them to be seen, heard and empowered." Anny added.

"If we’re being really honest, this campaign is a lot of things, but, at the heart of it, it is a fight for basic human rights. Only this time, the women are asking." he posits, shedding more light into the thought-provoking campaign.

See some content from the campaign below:


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