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SISTER TALK (S1 E8 - Season Finale): Doing It All by Herself - Being an Independent Woman Today

In this season finale, we speak with Nigerian Queer Feminist advocate, Word Worker, Writer and the Coolest Mum Ever, Olutimehin Adegbeye to talk on the theme “Doing It All by Herself - Being an Independent Woman Today”. In conversation, we explore the reality of the life of young, African, ‘Independent Women’.

Is it truly possible to build a career, raise children, and find true happiness and fulfilment in life all by oneself? What really makes an independent woman? Is it in her complete self-reliance and self-sufficiency or does it have to do with the total denouncement of men, love and partnerships altogether?

Olutimehin gives a whole new meaning to the term “Independent Woman” as she shares the truly inspiring and thought-provoking story of her journey through life facing adversity and triumphing over trauma with ‘healthy interdependent’ relationships that fostered her new and progressive identity and definition of what it means to be a young, African, Independent Woman today.

Listen to her inspiring story HERE. Download the Anchor app for a seamless listening experience. Like, comment and share the episode with your sisterhood and join the conversation on today's topic in the comments section.


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