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World Bank Loan Stalls as Government Continues to Deny Pregnant School Girls Access to Education

The World Bank is likely to decide soon on whether to proceed with a disputed loan to Tanzania, with human rights activists objecting because of the government's refusal to allow pregnant girls to continue school.

Opposition MP Zitto Kabwe has received death threats for opposing the World Bank loan because the government is expelling pregnant girls from schools. The World Bank is expected to decide within a few weeks whether or not to grant Tanzania a controversial $500-million education loan, which human rights activists have challenged because the government has been kicking pregnant girls out of school.

Opposition activists have stalled the loan for almost two years and member of parliament (MP), Zitto Kabwe has received several death threats - including from a government MP - for urging the World Bank not to approve the loan until it allows pregnant girls to continue attending school - and also permits free politics.

Kabwe, leader of the Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT) party, told Daily Maverick that he will not allow the death threats to deter him from his work. The speaker of parliament helped spark the threats against Kabwe by characterising his appeal to the World Bank as treasonous.


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